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Public Rough Sex with Susana Abril

April 20th, 2010 by Fish

It is estimated bitches spend almost 3 years of their lives shopping.  That is 3 years of their lives spending YOUR money. It is also 3 years of their lives not sucking your cock or otherwise doing what you tell them to do.   So it is indeed important to keep your bitch under control when out in public. 

Now the question I have, is that on any public street there are places to tie your dog up, or lock up your bicycle so why not some place safe to lock up your bitch?  I mean there are indeed times you need to go into a store or otherwise inappropriate place to bring your bitch and you certainly don’t want anyone stealing your bitch.  (hey after 3 years of shopping a bitch is expensive).  So instead of tying your bitch up on a chain link fence in some out of the way place every store block should have a bitch tying pole. 

Should your bitch misbehave in public well then it should be perfectly acceptable to rough fuck your bitch right there while she is bound to the bitch tying pole providing you don’t touch or get cum on any other bitch tied to the same pole

From Public Disgrace
Susana Abril  Naked slut forced to crawl on all fours Susana Abril Tied up in public Rough Sex with Susana Abril Tied up and fucked in pubic Rough Public Fucking Outdoor blowjob

Public Disgrace

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Rough Sex on the Farm

April 14th, 2010 by Fish

As any rural farm girl knows Rough Sex in the Barn is what happens when you don’t run faster than your brother.  But hey should farm boys be blamed for trying to rough fucking their sisters?   Its not like there is a plethora of bitches out there to do ones bidding.  So beggars can’t be choosers. 

If only there was a market for bitches.  I mean these guys trade pigs and cows all the time.  So why not bitches.  They could call it the bitch livestock exchange.  Hell it might even lead to another market that wall street can rip us off with.  Bitch futures! 

Lets say McDonalds comes out with a new fat burger.  Bitch futures will indeed crash as our bitches fill their faces with such things thus getting fat and dropping the price of a bitch.  Fortunes could be made in bitch trading. 

But while gobs of money will be made on Wall Street the end benefit will go to the lowly farm boy who then will have access to the bitches of his choosing rather then rely on speed to catch his sister.

From Dominated Girls
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Dominated Girls

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Carried Off and Roughly Ass Fucked

April 12th, 2010 by Fish

There is a some sort of competition I hear about every year called the wife carrying race or some such nonsense.  Now why the hell would you carry around a bitch when she has two perfectly good legs to get where she is going. 

Sure I suppose that if a bitch refused to go where I told her I would resort to carrying the bitch.  But then again a couple of good slaps in the face should also encourage her to move in a bipedal fashion.  If the bitch needs guidance then a leash of course would be optimal however in a pinch one can just drag the slut by her hair.

But this bitch doesn’t seem all that heavy.  And considering the fat cows most bitches are I guess carrying around a tied up bitch is not all that tiring, leaving you with more then enough energy for Rough Sex

From Fucking Dungeon
Naked girl gets carried kicking and screaming Forced Blowjob Scared girl forced to suck dick 07 Rough Sex Painful Ass Fuck Painful Anal 15 Slut licks a shoe

Fucked And Bound

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Young Bitch Raped By A Repairman’s Huge Dick

April 11th, 2010 by Fish

I have a leak under my sink.  Now I do need to take care of such leak but a drip here and a drip there indeed is not going to kill me until I have time to take care of it.  This is small fact seems to be lost on this teen bitch.  She seems quite oblivious to the fact that there are things called buckets that hold liquid and fit quite nicely under a leaking pipe. 

But like a typical bitch she knows not what to do.  Now you do have to respect the bitch for taking the situation by the horns so to speak rather than simply let water drip all over the floor and whine to her man when he gets home.  She of course calls the Repairman. 

Now typically I don’t look my best while waiting for a plumber.  But I at least put on clothes that are appropriate.  For example PANTS!  Furthermore I tend not to nap while I have a stranger in the house which again seems to befuddle this bitch. 

Thus this little teen bitch gets two pipes cleaned.  One I am sure is payment for the other one.  From Uniform Domination
2006.07.14 198 Hot Teen Bitch 2006.07.14 205 2006.07.14 207 2006.07.14 208 2006.07.14 212 Teen gets Bitchslapped Brutal Rape Forced Sex Rough Sex Teen Gets Raped 2006.07.14 289 2006.07.14 296

Uniform Domination

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Rough Sex for a Surfer Girl

April 10th, 2010 by Fish

I always wanted to fuck one of those California tomboy surfer bitches.  Personally I have no idea why since they aren’t any more annoying than regular bitches and they tend to look like their 15 year old male counterparts.  But regardless I indeed have rough sex fantasies concerning these types of bitches.

Perhaps it is the fact that nothing is so fucking stupid than to spend your life on a small piece of fiberglass risking your life on moon generated ripples in the water.  I mean these bitches really need rough sex.  Well then again so do the dudes but this is not what this site is about.

Now I would have to imagine trying to get these bitches into bed by typical means would be a hellish effort.  Imagine talking surfer dude talk for 2 hours trying to impress one of these sluts.  Though the effort would probably be worth it since they tend to be quite muscular in the thigh’s hence forcing them open would indeed be a worthy challenge not to mention the screaming that would come from their mouths should you pop one in their ass.

Thankfully we have a porn site that allows us to entertain such fantasies to determine if having mind numbingly stupid conversation about waves for 3 hours is worth trying to rough fuck one of these bitches

From Facial Abuse
Surfer Slut Forced Blowjob Tramatized girl gets force fucked fa_hr_lexi-197 Rough Sex fa_hr_lexi-276 Forced Face Fucking

Facial Abuse

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Brooke Lee Adams Gets Rough Sex

April 9th, 2010 by Fish

Have you ever walked into a store and had a couple of bitches behind the counter babbling at each other or on a cell phone and completely ignoring you?  You see,  bitches don’t understand capitalism.  I for example have legal tender (you know the green stuff that you pay the bitches credit card with). I wish to give it to the bitch in exchange for a product or service.  If the bitch is unavailable I of course cannot give her my money and recieve a product or service. 

What indeed is a customer or even worse a business owner to do?  Well for one you could fire the bitch but the chances are you will be sued since bitches can never ever do anything wrong and to suggest that they aren’t doing their jobs.  Plus inevitably you will just end up hiring  another equally useless bitch. 

Instead there should indeed be a rule that a inattentive bitch can be grabbed by the hair and force fucked right there in front of all the other customers.  This will of course accomplish a number of things.  Since bitches aren’t to keen on being rough fucked right there in public they may indeed be better employee’s and should they lose sight of this possibility rough sex is indeed much more satisfying then complaining to the manager

From Pornstar Punishments
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Pornstar Punishments

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Bitch on a Rope Becomes Bitch on a Dick

April 8th, 2010 by Fish

If they can invent something as handy as Soap on a Rope why indeed can they not invent a bitch on a rope.  This of course would be ideal for Rough Sex since Obviously you won’t have to spend all that time and effort tying up a struggling bitch doing her utmost to keep from being rough fucked.

Now personally I like my bitches on a leash.  It keeps their hands for useful things such as making food and such.  But should your bitches hands get in the way feel free to tie them up as well.  Particularly in public where having to stop every 10 minutes so they can try to pick up whatever shiny object they see on the sidewalk can be quite annoying.

The other nice thing about a leashed bitch is that you can give that leash to another dude willing to pay you money to fuck her.  I mean why the hell should he pay her?  Its obvious that the bitch got into the predicament she is herself by owing you money or something like that.  Why indeed recoup your losses one inevitably takes from bitch upkeep

From Forced To Prostitute
Girl Forced into Prostitution Prositute forced to suck dick Slut humiliated Rough sex Prostitute Sex Scared hooker force fucked

Forced To Prostitute

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Young Forced Sex

April 7th, 2010 by Fish

So a couple of days ago some bitches decided to protest some silly thing then tends to enrage bitches.  Now the protest of course is not of concern for us since it was something bitches do not like thus something we indeed can ignore. 

What is of concern to us is that the bitches decided to protest by walking down the street topless.  Now the result of this was that first the bitches cause wasn’t taken too seriously since how can you take a bitch seriously with her tits hanging out when we can hardly take them seriously fully clothed.  The second thing that happened is that lots of men lined the sidewalk and hooted and hollered at the shirtless sluts. 

Being of course bitches they were even MORE enraged that these men would do such a thing.  Because of course a bunch of topless bitches is not a site to behold!  They were concerned that these “men” ruined their protest.  As far as I am concerned they were lucky they didn’t get mob raped!

So once again friends it just goes to show you that our bitches are a quite dim bunch.  Particularly this pretty little teen refusing to put out for her ugly shirt wearing boyfriend.  At least until he forces her to fuck

From Ravished Bride
Teen About to be raped Forced Teen IMG_2302 Teen forced to suck dick Rough Sex Forced to Fuck Forced Teen Sex Rough Forced Fucking

Ravished Bride

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Rough Sex for a Teen Pussy (in more ways than one)

April 5th, 2010 by Fish

Lets face it,  the earlier a useless bitch is taught that she is a useless bitch the better.  It takes time friends to eliminate all that useless garbage the feminist run schools put through their tiny little brains.  They are not special, They are not unique flowers.  They are bitches and should act as such. 

So it is indeed important that when a bitch comes of age (check your local laws regarding that matter) that you begin the process of training them properly though the wonders of rough and humiliating sex. The sooner the bitch learns her place in life the better and happier the bitch will indeed be. 

The problem of course is since the schools are run by bitches our up and coming men are taught to act like bitches.  Thus like many of us it doesn’t really occur to them how bitches ought to be treated until later in life when the bitches are set in their ways.  So happily rough sex for our 18 year olds gets left up to those of us more experienced in the ways of bitch training. 

That is not to say that everything has to be a drag,  you can have a little fun rough fucking these cunts, as shown here.  Take out your artistic talents and of course there is nothing more humiliating as drawing on a bitch.  Make sure you leave messages in permanent ink as instructions for those younger on how to treat and where to stick your dick in them. 

From Disgraced 18
Jessie Jordan 02 Teen Gagged and Fucked Teen Force Fucked Jessie Jordan Humiliated and fucked Humilation Sex Rough Sex Jessie Jordan Force Fucked

Disgraced 18

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Rough Sex for Michelle Myers

April 4th, 2010 by Fish

I never got the point of Sybians.  I mean what do you care if the bitch gets off or not.  Given there is something to be said to have a bitch at the mercy of a remote control but I would much prefer if it controlled a bitches mouth.  The mute button would be worn away in a matter of weeks!

In fact a bitch remote control would not have to be complicated at all.  Even old codgers could work it.  It would really only need 4 buttons.  Clean the House, Make something to eat, Fuck, and of course the most important, the mute button.

Perhaps one day when our flawed bitches are replaced by well behaved synthetic ones we shall have such a control.  But for now we of course must rely on Rough Sex and the liberal use of a ball gag to get them to shut the fuck up.

From Fucking Dungeon
Michelle Myers Michelle Myers sucks dick 07 abused slut Girl Bound and forced to suck cock Rough Sex Michelle Myers forced to fuck 06 Bound and fucked 13 Bondage Fucking

Fucking Dungeon

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