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Rough Sex and the Unwilling Wife

May 1st, 2012 by Fish

For those of you idiots who have ever gotten married the most aggravating thing in the world is coming to bed, ready to stuff your dick in your bitch and her coming up with one excuse or another that she doesn’t want to fuck. 

Let me as you something,  when the hell did it become ok for a married bitch not to service her husband when he tells her to.  I mean that’s the main function of the bitch in married.  To get fucked when it is demanded of her!

Of course these are the same bitches that complain when their husband goes and fucks another bitch that won’t say no.  But who has the time for that.  You want to fuck now!

Thus is the beauty of rough sex.  You don’t need the bitches permission.  After all it is no more possible to rape your wife than it is to steal your own stuff.  The bitch signed a contract,  she is essentially your property to do with as you please. 

Of course bitches hate this despite this fact.  Not that signing a contract ever meant much to a bitch.  But if you have a bitch that won’t fuck.  you essentially have a broken bitch.  You either have fix the bitch or go get you a new one. 

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Rage Story

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Rough Sex for Presley Heart

April 24th, 2012 by Fish

The other day I was reading about an article from a bitch about porn.  She went on to say her precious little once happy teenage crotch fruit was moody, depressed and an otherwise miserable pain in the ass.  Finally she discovered the reason.  She caught him looking at online porn!

Imagine that,  a teenage boy who is moody and depressed looking at porn.  The HORROR!  She went on to say once she took his laptop away he reverted to his happy childhood and probably continued jerking off to scantly clad posters of girls like we did before the internet. 

She then proceeded to argue that these vile objectionable images objectifying bitches should be banned from the internet!  All because her little teenage crotch fruit was acting like a teenager. 

But this brings me to another point.  With a whole generation of males growing up,  learning from the internet how bitches should be treated it suggests there will be considerably more Rough Sex going on in the future,  Which of course is good considering his father should have rough fucked his mother for being so fucking stupid. 

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Fucking Dungeon

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Beating Bitches Topeka Kansas

April 20th, 2012 by Fish

So newest thing that bitches are complaining about is that some backwater hick city on the asshole of the universe decriminalized something that shouldn’t have been criminalized in the first place.  Beating bitches.  You see Topeka Kansas has run out of money.  Probably because its…  well…. Kansas.  Considering anyone with any kind of money has long since moved they are struggling with budget cuts,  one of which is “decriminalizing” beating bitches. 

Now of course this has whores up in arms.  But as usual bitches simply cannot fathom that there simply isn’t enough money to spend on something so preventable in the first place if they simply did as they are told!

But Bitches still demand that money be spent on them to the determent of others.  But let us take a look at what should instead be on the chopping block. 

Well perhaps garbage pickup.  Would they prefer being inundated with garbage rather than getting a good bitch slap when they deserved one?  I think not!  How indeed about education,  Obviously it didn’t do much for these bitches since they haven’t learned to drop to their knees and suck cock on command! 

Perhaps indeed this will be a universal wakeup call to the world.  After all now the remaining men of the city can now legally give their bitches the rough sex they deserve.  Perhaps after a while the world will notice how well behaved their cunts are. 

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Rough Sex at the Laundromat

April 19th, 2012 by Fish

One of the more useful things bitches are supposed to do is do laundry.  In fact other than sucking our cocks when they are commanded too its probably the most useful of bitch skills.  After all it sucks wearing soiled clothes. 

Now of course bitches don’t like doing laundry.  But then again its work, hence their dislike for it.  They would rather be flitting around annoying those close to them with their useless opinions and spending your money rather than washing and folding your clothes. 

But the best place to send a bitch to do the washing for you is the Laundromat. Now most bitches will cry and whine about not having in house laundry facilities but getting out and about is good for them.  In addition rather than annoying you while they are doing it,  they have a chance to converse with other bitches free to babble about whatever brainless thing comes to their mind without the chance of irritating men. 

Of course you always have that wayward bitch who refuses to do your laundry.  Thus pulling the bitch though the streets though the hair to a laundry facility, to show her exactly what these wondrous machines do  will help.  And if she still refuses you can give her the Rough Sex she deserves right in front of the other bitches actually doing their job. 

From Public Disgrace
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Public Disgrace

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Rough Sex and Spending Money

April 18th, 2012 by Fish

So yesterday some bitch that was the head of the GSA named Martha Johnson apologized to congress for all the fucking money she wasted on lavish parties and extravaganza’s.  Oh look a bitch that loves to spend other people’s money.  Can you imagine that!

Of course it isn’t her fault.  she was just the head of the goddamn agency that’s all.  But then again what do you expect to get when you put a bitch in charge of spending someone else’s money.  They of course spend it on themselves. 

Now it used to be if a man came home and his bitch blew his paycheck on stupid shit the bitch would get a good beating followed by rough sex to teach her that is completely unacceptable.  But of course we have made it you can’t even slap a bitch nowadays.  How the fuck will they learn?

They will of course not learn,  not until we start teaching our bitches properly.  I am not saying that a bitch cannot be taught to manage money with some oversight.  They just need a good hard bitch slap and some rough fucking when they do. 

From Defiled 18
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Defiled 18

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Rough Sex and the Walking Dead

April 17th, 2012 by Fish

So I am a big fan of that show “The Walking Dead” on AMC.  The only problem with it that I see is not their unrealistic view of when the zombie Apocalypse comes but why the fuck do they continue to listen to their stupid bitches.  I think you will agree those bitches in the show are dumber than most. 

The bitch that really needs to be rough fucked out of all of them is that slut Laurie,  Rick’s bitch.  Not only did she go off and fuck his best friend like the untrustworthy cunt that she is.  She constantly whines and complains not to mention letting her dumb ass little crotch fruit run around in the land of undead without supervision.  In other words a typical bitch. 

Eventually the cunt will be eaten by zombies but until that happens Rick really needs to put the bitch in her place and teach her not only is she a useless fuck toy but since society has broken down her opinion about anything is not only irrelevant but completely unwanted .  She is a dumb bitch!

Now I bring this up since this next slut reminds me a little bit of a older, uglier and dumber (if there is such a thing) version of the slut. She also kinda reminds me of the zombies as well.    This is Hailey Young’s 4 time back to be abused by these guys.  Needless to say they needed to step it up a notch, like force fucking her in her ass.   Some bitches never fucking learn

From Facial Abuse
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Facial Abuse

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Rough Sex for Anikka Albright

April 13th, 2012 by Fish

Some bitch blog found the time (Because only useless bitches have the time to figure this out)  to calculate how much more being a bitch costs vs a man.  The total additional cost for being a bitch is roughly $2500, which is $2500, they ask for a man to pay for. 

Now this might seem a little cheap.  If you have ever kept a bitch before you know its a far greater cost.  But this doesn’t include all the useless shit a typical bitch buys.  These are by most accounts bare necessities like bitch napkins and the like. 

Of course the total cost of keeping a bitch is far greater when you calculate all the clothes and shoes they maniacally buy not to mention your loss of productivity from having to listen to them bitch all day. 

Which begs the question why the hell do we pay for bitches in the first place?  Well there is a simple answer to this,  we want to fuck them.  So one could expect that if we are willing to pay for a bitch she in turn should be expected to fuck us.  But of course bitches don’t see it this way.  But happily this can indeed be fixed with a good hard dose of Rough Sex. 

Sure the bitch might not like it,  but she is after all a bitch.  Her job is to get fucked and when one does not make good on a contract someone has to force them to.  Which is the whole basis of rough sex to begin with.  Its not like you are going to get all that money back you blew on the bitch.  But you sure as hell can give her the rough fucking she deserves. 

From Sex and Submission
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Sex and Submission

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Stupid Little Schoolgirl Cock Gagged

April 12th, 2012 by Fish

So I decided to try this brand new Rough Sex site.  This dude Andre seems to have something going here.  While he doesn’t fuck these young bitches he does beat the hell out of them and  Cock gag them before shoving various objects in their little teen holes.  So I guess it qualifies for Rough Sex. 

After all bitches can be abused in many ways,  like this one for instance.  Now aside from the folly of wasting precious resources teaching young bitches at least you can have some fun with the stupid little cunts when they inevitably fail at school.  Its not like they are going to do anything with the education anyway other than to sponge off of males. 

So why not subject them to Rough Sex in school.  This little cunt gets her ass beaten and finally a great big cock shoved in her little pie-hole to shut her the fuck up.  Which inevitably is what we want all bitches to do. 

From Schoolgirl Sex Punishment
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Schoolgirl Sex Punishment

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Rough Sex for Angelica Heart

April 11th, 2012 by Fish

It never ceases to amaze me how entitled bitches are.  Today’s example of bitches “Demanding” something they have no right to is Facebook.  You see some cunt group called UltraViolet which “supposedly” boasts “300,000” members, all of which undoubtedly need Rough Sex.  Is demanding that Facebook put a bitch on its board since it is right now completely filled with men. 

Now lets see, a MAN came up with the concept, a MAN developed the program, MEN funded the company.  So why in world should they put a bitch on its board?  Of course logic is not exactly our slut’s strong point.  Despite these facts somehow bitches are incensed that they are not appropriately represented! 

Why the fuck should bitches be represented for something they had nothing to do with?  Not that they could tell you,  after all they are whores without a meaningful thought in their head other than to demand things from men that they feel they should have.  The only thing they really deserve is a good hard rough fucking. 

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Dominated Girls

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Rough Sex with a Dumb Virgin

April 10th, 2012 by Fish

I am a channel flipper.  I’m not ashamed to admit i have the attention span of a gnat and of course its one of those things that annoys the shit out of cunts.  Now I tell you this because on occasion as I am flipping around on the idiot box and come across some show appealing to teen bitches and within a minute or two there is one question that inevitably pops into my head.  How can these teenage sluts to be, be so fucking stupid!

Now if you consider the brain dead beings these bitches grow up to be it might not surprise you in their idiocy.  They have a special kind of stupidity not found in their male counterparts.  While teen guys go off to drunk,  do stupid thing they saw on Jackass and fuck fuck teen bitches.  Their female counterparts dream of romance and falling in love which is why so many of these soon to be sluts get fucked before they are actually ready.  In other words they are so stupid even a idiot teen guy can get in their pants and give it to them for the very first time. 

The amusing thing is guys are thinking quite the opposite.  How soon can he fuck this stupid bitch so he can go find the next stupid bitch to fuck.  This of course leaves the newly minted slut heartbroken which in turn leads to her complaining about some stupid thing or another and finally needing rough sex to shut her the fuck up. 

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18 Virgin Sex

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