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Anal Hook and Rough Sex for a Schoolgirl

May 18th, 2010 by Fish

Is it me or does this bitch remind you of that cheerleader slut on that show Hero’s?  A teen bitch who could really use a Anal hook inserted in her Ass. Of course friends this isn’t her.  This  bitch who goes by the name of Jessie Cox does indeed have a  hook inserted in her ass and a bitch with a hook up her ass is always a good thing.

In fact I will for once tell you my friends I have had a change of heart.  I have been a big proponent of keeping our bitches on leashes.  But seeing how effective it is here.  I do believe that this device is indeed a superior way of keeping ones bitch for running off.  Besides its fun just to see the look on the bitches face when you shove it up her ass

Sure a choke chain might offer a little discomfort for a bitch.  But with a ass hook one gentle tug will of course get her undivided attention and quite honestly probably get her to shut the fuck up which we all know is next to impossible for a bitch.

Just make sure you get an American made Anal Hook.  You don’t want one of those cheap Chinese ones since they tend to fall apart after a couple of weeks of use.  Besides they are probably toxic.

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