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Anal Rape for a Redhead

January 16th, 2010 by Fish

Many bitches don’t like to be fucked up the ass let alone have Rough Anal Sex.  The issue is of course they get nothing out of it which is indeed how bitches think.  Now quite honestly the only reason why we want to fuck you up the ass in the first place is because you generally don’t like it.  Which of course is good for us!

Now lets say your faced with a bitch who absolutely refuses a good buttfucking.  Now my first suggestion is dump the cunt and find one that will.  But barring that let us say you absolutely must stick it up her rear.

There is indeed a couple of ways you could go about this all of which are quite noisy since you will be faced with a rather unhappy bitch with a cock in her ass.  The most obvious is to hold the uncooperative bitch down and simply ass rape her.  Probably most effective.

The second is known as the “slip” now we all know why nature put a bitches holes so close together.  It was indeed for our benefit!  So now lets say you are pounding your bitch like you should.  All one needs to do is simply “miss”.  Now be forewarned once you do this you will be faced with a screaming bitch!  Unlike just holding her down and force fucking her ass this is a bit of a surprise.

Now the trick is not to take your dick out of the now crying bitches ass, so position is indeed important.  Preferably you want to be fucking her from behind so you can force her on her face and continue to pound the unhappy bitches bottom.  Now it is indeed important to have something to shut the bitch up with since she will likely be screaming “GET IT OUT OF MY ASS YOU DICK” so have her panties in arms reach you you can stuff them in her mouth.

Once of course the deed is done you now have one ass fucked bitch which is indeed how it should be.

From Forced DB
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Forced DB

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