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Bitch in a Blue Dress Gets Brutally Boned

November 13th, 2009 by Fish

When it comes to bitches getting raped or otherwise forced fucked there seems to be this myth that on the off occasion they “are” actually raped the guys that tend to do this thing are sexual criminal masterminds. 

This is indeed because it could never be the bitches fault that she gets force fucked in the first place.  Against all precautions this evil genius still managed to gain access to the bitch’s apartment and rape the shit out of her! 

In reality however for the most part these guys are quite dim.  If you think about it why would one go though all that trouble to stalk, break into the house, rape and escape and probably face a long time in small cell shared with a guy named bubba?

Why go thought the years it takes to learn how to pick locks and defeat alarm systems when most likely the bitch has simply forgotten to lock the door! 

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