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Brutal Rape in a Parking Garage

September 9th, 2009 by Fish

So a couple of weeks ago I was reading the story about how some dumb bitch got herself raped in a parking garage of the hotel.  Now whether or not she deserved it or even was worth the rough fuck was unknown.  Until of course the bitch did a predictably bitch thing.  She of course blames someone else,  Namely the hotel. 

Her basis of blaming the hotel, and subsequently suing them is that of course they had let a rather creepy guy hang around the parking lot.  Said creepy guy then the second time she saw him proceeded to fuck the crap out of her quite forcibly. 

Now one would think,  if you saw said creepy guy hanging around the parking lot,  particularly the second time.  You would just THINK that she just MIGHT have gone and got security.  But being a slut of course she simply happily traipsed to her car with not a care in the world of what is indeed going around her.  Thus under bitch thinking of course it must indeed be the hotel’s fault. 

Too bad there isn’t a legal defense that says that a bitch is stupid enough to deserve it. 

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    Grate pic
    would like to have the guys do that too me

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    Grate pic!!!!!!!!!!!