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Brutally Raped and Her Panties Shoved in her Mouth

August 17th, 2009 by Fish

Now as I have said time after time,  when engaging in rough sex make sure you have something handy to stuff in the bitches mouth.  The whining and crying can get on ones nerves and at its worst can give one quite a headache. 

Now one cannot be expected to carry a ball gag everywhere one goes and of course the noise factor is somewhat mitigated when you cram your dick in her mouth.  But should you find yourself rough fucking a loud slut without a gag it is indeed time to improvise. 

Your best bet is to use something in reach since you probably are holding down the struggling and loud slut.  A rolled up magazine will do in a pinch but your best bet is to use her own panties (if she is indeed wearing them). 

Now there are other things you can use of course but her dirty panties shoved in her piehole is indeed the ultimate in humiliation which of course what rough sex is all about.  And as an added bonus one can free himself of bitch sounds other than the soft “MMMMMM” as you violate the hell out of her. 

From Scream and Cream
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