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Brutally Raped by Her Landlord

July 23rd, 2010 by Fish

Bitches have a problem paying for things.  This indeed is because in their mind some man should pay for their things in return for more or less nothing.  Its simply how a bitch thinks. 

Now one of course can take the bitch to court for such non-payment but since judges are indeed indoctrinated with bitch-think this is quite useless.  Should they dare to rule against a bitch they are immediately labeled bitch haters and throngs of screaming sluts will converge and protest. 

However there is another tender most men would accept in the form of payment in lieu of money and that is of course Rough Sex.  Now once again bitches feel they shouldn’t be forced into fucking you.  Its “their body” after all.  But bitches have been using this as tender for millennia,  hence the reason they evolved such moronic thinking in the first place!.

Now there is indeed nothing wrong with this.  A bitch for example can’t pay her rent,  so she gets fucked by some old smelly guy.  I think its a fair trade.  The system has worked quite well throughout history.  Hell if you happened to be in possession of a hot bitch you could even pay as such if you are a man!

But women demanded their rights,  Yet inherited none of the responsibilities.  Thus occasionally one must compel a bitch to pay up, and since they usually have little of value a good Forced Fuck is ample payment

From Old Brutal Fuckers
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Old Brutal Fuckers

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