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Brutally Raped in the Bathroom

June 15th, 2010 by Fish

Bitches tend to spend an inordinate amount of time in the bathroom.  So it is no wonder that many bitches end up getting Forced Fucked there.  Now you might ask “Fish, how does a bitch minding her own business in the can make it her fault if she gets brutally raped?”  The answer my friends like many is rather complicated. 

A bitch in the bathroom is a bitch not doing something that she is supposed to be doing.  Namely fucking you.  So in order to get the bitch so you can fuck her then you must indeed enter the bathroom.  Now if the bitch indeed puts up a struggle then all the more fun for you! correct?

Furthermore since the bitch is not doing what you commanded her to do,  and the fact that you actually had to get up, stop what you are doing and go get the bitch preening herself is indeed grounds for Rough Sex.  Now bathrooms are rather hard as well so force fucking a struggling bitch it is not indeed difficult to imagine that banging the bitches head on the sink or the edge of the tub is beyond possibility. 

So a bitch, because of her behavior, instead of getting fucked in a nice soft bed ends up being brutally raped and with a good possibility of a few bruises.  Thus endith the lesson.

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