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Brutally Raped in the Shower

August 22nd, 2010 by Fish

When it comes to Forced Sex the best place to Rough Fuck a bitch is in the shower.  Now perhaps you enjoy tearing a whining bitches clothes off.  Well good for you, I on the other hand want to fuck, when I want to fuck.  If the bitch is unwilling to get undressed that is that much more work I have to expend to fuck her, when she should just drop her drawers and bend over on command. 

So if you are like me and have an unwilling bitch the best time of course to force her is the shower.  Now there are some drawbacks.  For one you will probably have a slippery bitch so its much better to pull the bitches hair to get her into position to fuck.  Second,  bathrooms being bathrooms tend to be quite loud,  So it might behoove you to stick a washcloth or even a bar of soap in the bitches mouth to preserve your tender hearing from the bitch protests as you slam her from behind. 

But as always with drawbacks come other entertaining props when it comes to Rough Sex.  For example, instead of giving the uncooperative bitch a good slap some shampoo in the eyes can indeed do the trick.  I mean the bitch doesn’t need to see to suck your cock or get fucked does she? 

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