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Drunk Slut Gets a Ride and gets Raped and Rough Sex

August 19th, 2008 by Fish

I love how the Feminist’s try to define rape.  Like "Oh if she is drunk she can’t give consent"  Well guess what?  When they are drunk we don’t need consent you fucking Man hating Dykes. 

Consent is an illusion particularly with Bitches.    Yes means No,  No means Yes and yea I am sticking my dick in your sticky pussy simply because I can. 

Well at least in some places that bullshit won’t fly.  Particularly in hitchhiking.  Dumb slut wants a ride?  well you can pay my ass or suck my dick.  That’s fair.  Of course the "Woman’s Rights" movement will tell you different but that’s a bunch of Ho’s who have never had a dick between their legs.

From Road Bitches

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Road Bitches


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