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Dumb Asian Bitch gets Brutally Raped on an Ugly Chair

December 20th, 2009 by Fish

I guess Asian cunts are not any smarter then their white counterparts since they tend to get themselves raped quite often.  Their taste in furniture is equally poor considering the eyesore of a chair this slut is getting raped on. 

The thing that puzzles your friend Fish is that these bitches are also taught at an early age to be subservient to men.  As it should be!   The problem I assume is that these cunts are fridged and don’t like to fuck their men.  On the other hand Asian sluts can be quite annoying when upset, more so then their Caucasian counterparts.  If one has ever been in the myriad of Asian conclaves that exist around the world and you observe one getting pissed off you will indeed know what I mean.  The screeching will make ones ears bleed,  so  one can be quite sympathetic of the Asian men trying to do whatever they can t0 get the bitch to shut up. 

The problem of course is unlike most bitches is that they don’t shut up when you force fuck them.  They just make more noise at a higher pitch, which would beg the question why there is not a thriving trade in ball gags to keep their cunts quite.

Ah the mystery of other rough sex in other cultures.  From Violent Asians
rape-1_05_05 rape-1_05_06  Asian girl about to get raped Forced Sex rape-1_05_21  rape-1_05_23 Force fuck Brutal Rape Asian girl forced to suck dick rape-1_05_32

Violent Asians

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