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Enraged Husband Force Fucks his Young Wife

February 23rd, 2010 by Fish

In this day and age I have no idea why the hell men get married.  It used to be that one got married so they would have someone to cook, clean and fuck.  Bitches were considered property which of course they should be.  Its not like they are useful for anything else.

But times changed,  and I guess our lawmakers got sick of listening to whining bitches.  Now marriage is a “partnership”.  But the thing about partnerships is that they tend to only be good for both parties if both parties bring something to the table.  Now theoretically bitches bring what they always have brought. But what good is it if they refuse to do it?

Now with any contract law one would assume if one of the partners refuse to live up to their bargain one can dissolve the partnership or at least force them to fulfill their duties.  But bitches of course felt making them do anything regardless of their responsibilities was unfair.

So now a bitch doesn’t have to fulfill anything she promised.  And when you seek to remedy the situation by dumping her lazy ass you have to pay her!  On an up note unlike the old days where you actually had to marry the bitch to fuck her,  there are plenty of stupid bitches one can go out and fuck once you get sick of the one you are presently fucking.

So we are left with a complete downside if we marry a bitch but a complete upside should we not.  And bitches wonder why guys don’t want to commit?  This of course doesn’t solve the problem if you didn’t read my wise words before you got roped into marrying a bitch.  Thankfully some of the old property laws are still adhered to and while feminist cunts continue to try to make it so your wife doesn’t have to fuck you in most area’s a bitch is considered given consent when you marry them,  so happily you can force fuck her all you like. 

From Ravished Bride
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