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Even Fat Sluts get Raped

September 4th, 2008 by Fish

If How else would they ever get a dick in their pussy?  Look if your fat and ugly and some drunk guy comes up to you and has the lapse in judgement to fuck you.  Its in your best interest to fuck him if you ever get want to get laid. 

It seems however fat chicks like to fuck with dudes.  I think its the fact if you get a hot bitch back to your place well…. she knows you want to fuck her because she is hot.  Fat and ugly bitches want to make sure your not fucking them because your drunk.  Of course this is pretty much the reason you would allow yourself to fuck a fat bitch unless you have some sort of masochistic relationship with your friends who will inevitably tell you "dude you fucked a really ugly fat bitch"!. 

Of course when drunk we tend to think with our other brain,  so when the fat bitch decides she has though better of fucking your ass your left with a hardon with no place for it to go. 

Now I’ll admit Rough Sex with some Fat Bitch is probably way more trouble than its worth.  But hell,  you need to get your rocks off and this cunt is gonna do it for you one way or another

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