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Force Fucked at a Bar

March 18th, 2010 by Fish

Bitches are always pissed off at the Bar.  Being devoid of all logic and reason this indeed is not surprising.  They are either pissed off that some dude is not hitting on them or they are pissed off that some dude is hitting on them or in this case some dude that was hitting on them is now hitting on another bitch he deems easier to rough fuck. 

Now the odd thing is both bitches and guys go to the bar for the same reason.  To get drunk and fuck someone.  The problem is of course bitches look for some dude to have a “relationship” with.  This of course is a code word for never fucking you again and spending all your money. 

The ironic thing about this is that most bitches don’t want to have rough sex, but by looking for a “relationship” rather than just fucking some dude in a bar like they are supposed to do, they indeed set the stage for their future boyfriend/husband to rough fuck them whenever they like. 

You see men are simple creatures.  We need food, sports and sex.  There is not alot other than that.  You would think bitches would be able to cater to such simple needs yet unbelievably bitches somehow  have gotten it into their heads that catering to such simple needs are beneath them despite us paying all the bills and keeping a roof over their head. 

Life would be a whole lot simpler if you could just bend a bitch over in a bar and rough fuck her right there which of course is the purpose of a bitch in the first place.  Hell at least if one was generally sure that this bitch will continue to put out like she is supposed to do they might even find a “relationship”

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