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Force Fucked in a Short Miniskirt

November 23rd, 2010 by Fish

I love when bitches wear short miniskirts then get offended you try to fuck them them out.  I mean why wear something that short if you don’t want to get fucked?  Now of course you hear bitches scream “Don’t judge us by how we dress!!”.  I say why the hell not,  the rest of us are.

For example if you arrive at a job interview with ripped jeans and a t-shirt.  The chances are no matter how good you might be,  you are not going to get the job.  Why isn’t it the same with bitches!  If they are for example wearing a nice long dress or a pair of jeans that doesn’t scream to me that they want to get fucked.  When they wear skirts that barely cover their crotch and gives one easy access,  what does that suggest to a logical person. 

Of course bitches are not logical hence the reason they end up getting themselves raped all the time.  I mean this dude is sitting there thinking to himself.  “This bitch wants to be fucked!”  Yet when she indeed does not this upsets him,  and now all hot and bothered he can’t control himself and on top of that he decides to force fuck the bitch in the ass out of spite.  Maybe she should keep this in mind the next time she goes clothes shopping. 

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