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Force to Fuck by her Tutor

February 4th, 2011 by Fish

As we all know bitches use Sex to get what they want.  Honestly I find nothing wrong with that.  That’s what they are supposed to do.  Take evolution for example.  Caveman has a juicy piece of meat,  Bitch wants meat.  Caveman doesn’t want to give it.  Bitch bends over, gets fucked and gets her piece of meat (no pun intended). 

The problem occurs when the bitch doesn’t live up to the promise.  Now back in the cave man times if  a bitch pulled that shit,  The caveman would simply whack the bitch and fuck her anyway,  after all its his meat! 

Now take this bitch for example.  Now we all know bitches aren’t very smart and modern society demands we educate our bitches with useless knowledge that they will never use unless they are trying to figure out a recipe in the kitchen.  The bitch obviously needs help passing the class.  So she invites a dude with the lure of sex over to help her study.  Now the dude is not doing this out of his kind heart,  he has every expectation of fucking the bitch.  But as we can see after they are done she refuses. 

What is  a guy to do,  after all services have already been rendered.  She obviously is not going to pay him.  Thus the only thing to do is fuck the bitch anyway.  After all she made a implied deal!  Now sure the bitch will whine and cry while getting Rough Sex,  But they always whine and cry.  What makes this transaction any different? 

In fact he does such a good job he should get something extra,  like forcing the bitch to do anal,  sure Anal Hurts but hey,  that is what the bitch is for now isn’t it

From Rip Her Up
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Rip Her Up

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