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Forced Sex on Her Wedding Day

March 14th, 2010 by Fish

Weddings are to bitches as hitting the lottery is to us.  When else can one spend gobs of someone else’s  money on completely useless things and then complain about it if their wedding does not go absolutely perfect.  Now watching all those reality shows about insane bitches going off on the type of flower arraignments one does wonder how they would react if something really went wrong like getting forced fucked by two guys as she is putting on her pretty gown. 

Now aside from the obvious reasons such an ordeal will displease a bitch there is indeed a psychological thing to it as well.  For example she has spent all her future husbands money on the event, the guests are assembled.  I mean what is a bitch to do with her attackers sperm still oozing from her.  Not to mention the wedding night! 

Now of course if you are indeed the groom this will inevitably be your fault since “HER” day was ruined.  So the moral of this story is if you are stupid enough to marry a bitch don’t let your future life get anymore miserable by allowing the bitch to do something stupid right before the wedding, like leaving her door open and getting raped.  Keep the bitch under lock and key and although you will still have to contend with a lazy bitch spending all your money and not fucking you,  at least you won’t have to listen to her whine for the rest of your life. 

Well at least they didn’t leave cum stains on her dress.

From Ravished Bride
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