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Forced to Fuck an Old man

August 27th, 2009 by Fish

Think my friend of the plight of our seniors.  Driving around in the left lane at 40 mph with their blinkers on and watching endless reruns of Matlock.  What an grim existence!

Now one would think with the invention of medication to keep their shriveled dicks hard they could indeed do a bit of rough sex with granny.  But who wants to fuck a old nasty bitch!  No my friends they need to fuck some young bitches! 

This would indeed give us some societal benefits as well.  For one there will be considerably less grumpy old men shouting at people to get off their lawn.  Furthermore in the midst of the health care debate think of all the money we will inevitably save since most of these old fuckers will probably end up dropping dead in ecstasy while pumping some sweet 19 year old full of ancient cum! 

Now since they are indeed old and granny doesn’t even want to fuck them cajoling some young bitch to take one for the greater good of mankind is indeed a problem.  Bitches of course being bitches are quite selfish and think not of the societal good but only that they have a old shriveled dick in their mouths.  This of course is not a problem for the in shape senior like we have here who can simply force the cunt into submission.  But what of those more frail!

So I would suggest we do the following,  Collect a few young sluts in your community and parade them though the local nursing home.  This way the drooling grandpa can indeed relive the glory of his youth by engaging in some fucking with these non-wrinkly bitches.  Of course one would need to bring some help to hold any uncooperative slut down.  One can ask the orderlies to help them remove their adult diapers to avoid having to do all the dirty work.

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