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Forced to Prostitute

March 19th, 2010 by Fish

As you might imagine not only do I think Prostitution should be legal, but I also believe that all bitches should be made to engage in it.  It should be perfectly acceptable to walk up to a bitch you think you might want to fuck and ask how much?

Now in our free market society Bitches indeed should be allowed to set their own pricing.  And why not?  while not the swiftest things on two legs bitches are if anything greedy little things and once they find out their fair market price for being fucked I am sure most if not all would be engaging in it. 

I mean how different would it be than now?  A bitch finds a guy,  lets him fuck her and then he gives her money and trinkets to keep the bitch happy.  Unfortunately under this system over time it follows the law of diminishing returns since it will cost more and more money and shiny to convince the greedy bitch to fuck you finally resulting in rough sex.

Now as you have heard me say before,  bitches have some things they excel at.  Better in fact then any men.  And bitches are allowed to hire themselves out for all these skill sets except getting fucked.  I mean you can hire a cleaning lady, or a bitch to cook for you.  So why money so they will fuck you?  Hell I would have to imagine the highest paid bitches are the ones that can do all three! 

This of course is a new site to Rough Sex Online.  I have been scouring the internet as of late to find bitches getting fucked against their will.  If you indeed have any suggestions please feel free to write since sadly I haven’t found many that I have not shown on this site.  And admittedly without new blood things are getting a little old. 

From Forced 2 Prostitute
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Forced 2 Prostitute

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