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Fuck a Virgin, Make Them Cry

November 30th, 2010 by Fish

If there is any justification why bitches need Rough Sex it is the process of defloration a Virgin Bitch.  I mean the first time they have sex the bitch experiences excruciating pain from being impaled upon a penis.   Now a smart bitch would go on and on about the practical reasons a virgin bitch feels pain.  But I think its just natures way of telling the bitch that she is there to be fucked despite if she enjoys it or not. 

There in lies the issue friends.  Bitches seem to think now days they must be “pleased” which is a complete misnomer.  Historically Men offered shelter and protection in exchange for someone to keep said shelter clean and someone to fuck.  Where does the bitches pleasure ever come into it?  Take work for example.  In lieu of your services you get paid.  Your employer could care less if you enjoy your job.  Why indeed should we ever care if the bitch is enjoying it. 

Well this little bitch is obviously not enjoying it and indeed can look forward to getting Rough Fucked when she starts to. 

From Spoiled Virgins
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Spoiled Virgins

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