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Handcuffed, gagged and Rough Forced Sex

September 20th, 2009 by Fish

Now the thing about rough sex or just good old brutal rape is that you can’t have the bitches extremities flailing round while you force fuck her.  Furthermore sluts do tend to make alot of noise even when they are comfortable getting fat on the couch so one can imagine the kind of racket they make during a good hard fucking against their will.

So it always behooves one to come quite prepared when engaging in rough sex.  Now once again in a pinch one can use household items like their panties to quiet the racket or the clothes you just tore off them to restrain their pesky hands.  But nothing works better then a nice pair of handcuffs. 

Now the choice you of course have is to handcuff their hands in front or behind them.  And there are indeed advantages to both.  Should you favor the front then they have their hand available to hold your cock when you force them to suck it.  But of course the trade off is that fucking them traditional style is somewhat difficult. 

Behind their back is probably the preferred way since sluts tend not to do anything useful with their hands anyway.  (they are usually adorned with too many shiny things to make manipulation of objects quite difficult).  This way you can simply bend them over and have access to the important parts. 

Finally it is prudent to tell you that while the bitch probably deserve it,  Our society seems to frown on giving a bitch a good hard fucking.  So unless you of course want your hands handcuffed behind your back and getting forced fucked by bubba it would be wise to refrain from such activities.

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