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Hot Bitch in an Ugly Bed Gets Brutally Raped

August 31st, 2010 by Fish

I am obviously no interior decorator.  That I leave for bitches and Fags to do.  But some things just simply offend the senses.  Now if you have a bitch with particularly bad taste what indeed is one to do. 

Well first you have to be pissed off that the bitch spent your money on something so ugly.  Now in this particular case it is further aggravated by the fact the bitch won’t fuck you on the ugly sheets she bought with your fucking money!

But this indeed brings up another point altogether about bitches.  Why do they feel that they can freely spend your money and then decide they aren’t going to fuck you.  This violates the free market system.  After all a wife is simply a very expensive whore,  why indeed should she not feel that she should fulfill her part of the bargain. 

Thankfully despite bitches best efforts the traditional view of marriage is that the bitch is your property to do what you please with.  Thus should your bitch get out of line, or in this case refuse to fuck,  well its your right isn’t it!  After all if you wanted to kick your dog its perfectly all right. 

Thus the advantages of giving your wife some good hard Rough Sex if you were stupid enough to get married.  After all the bitch has to learn her place and force fucking her will teach her that her man will fuck her when he damn well pleases.

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