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Housewife gets Beaten and Force Fucked

October 30th, 2010 by Fish

I would like to know when exactly it became not a good idea to beat your bitch.  I mean as any married man can attest to your wife needs a good beating now and again.  Men have been beating their bitches for thousands of years.  Why?  because the won’t do as they are fucking told that’s why.

Now in a perfect world of course there would be no bitch beating.  While it might sound strange coming from your friend Fish.  The fact is in a perfect world we would have obedient bitches thus eliminating the need for a beating.  Do you beat your TV?  No because it does exactly what you tell it to do.  Thus eliminating the social problem of Domestic Television violence.

But as usual such a simple and logical way to eliminate made up social problems such as Bitch beating is ignored.  Why might you ask?  Well because our bitches would actually have to do something such as fuck us when we ask!  Instead they go off and make it illegal, which is rather silly if you ask me.  Is it illegal to kick your dog when it shits on the floor?  Of course not!  Why are bitches so different?  Is it so hard to put a cock in your mouth when told to?

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