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Jogger Brutally Raped in a Van

November 5th, 2009 by Fish

You can’t fault bitches for wanting to Jog.  I mean it does keep them from becoming lard asses.  This of course stops when they feel figure they have roped in a man and they will then take care of their soon to be fat asses. 

But single slut do indeed need to keep in shape and since they have no man to clean up after or to make them food the exercise will indeed do them good. 

Unfortunately they manage to get themselves raped quite a bit during this activity.  This is probably because they choose to do their jogging in quite secluded places apparently heavily populated with fans of such a thing.  These guys even brought their own van! 

Now when shopping for a vehicle to serve as a mobile rough sex center one must make some decisions.  Of course it doesn’t take much room to force fuck a bitch but you of course don’t want to be uncomfortable either!

It is your Fish’s opinion that Headroom is everything.  There is nothing more unpleasant then smacking your head on the roof when you are about to cum in the sluts face.  This is particularly true if you bring a buddy along as in this updated from Forced Sex DB

01 02 Brutally Raped Forced Sexz 08 Woman raped by two guys 13 Forced to suck dick

Forced Sex DB

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