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Old Dude Force Fucks his Young Wife in the Kitchen

June 1st, 2010 by Fish

A kitchen of course is the place where a bitch belongs most of the time.  Sure she has to leave to do things like clean the house.  But for the most part she should be quite kitchen centric.  Even when she is allowed to leave the house she should be spending almost all the time buying groceries to restock the kitchen.

There is nothing wrong with giving a bitch her own room in the house.  I mean as long as she is useful in it there is indeed nothing wrong with her being happy in her own space.  But because she spends so much time there (or should be). on occasion you must invade her private space when she is in need of Rough Sex. 

Now I wouldn’t recommend doing this on a regular basis friends.  After all this is a bitch we are talking about.  Being slightly more intelligent than dogs she is still subject to the Pavlov response.  Should she get Rough Fucked in the kitchen often she of course will not want to spend any time in it.  And how the hell is she supposed to make you dinner? 

This of course is one of those times where it is indeed not the bitches fault but your own zeal.  Then you have to go about force fucking the bitch over and over in every room in the house to get her to return to the kitchen and of course having to order pizza every night. 

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Brutally Raped

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