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Rape Fantasy with a Masked Man

April 24th, 2010 by Fish

It is estimated that more than 50% of bitches have rape fantasies.  And the other 50% are lying bitches.  Of course the first excuse for this rather inconvenient fact for our fat feminists is that it is men’s fault that their peers desire to get force fucked.  Which also bring up the more ironic point is that the bitches that are having these fantasies aren’t the ones that need to be raped in the first place. 

But that fact aside we must ask the very valid question on why bitches want to be raped in the first place.  Despite all the studies and the finger pointing of course I have the very simple answer.  Evolution designed them to be submissive sluts.  Have you ever watched say the local stray cats fuck?  The male runs over,  pounces on the feline bitch, bites her neck and fucks her.  Most mammals do things like this so what indeed makes us any different?

Furthermore despite almost 50 years now of their fatter uglier sisters screaming that all men are evil bitches still enjoy the occasional rape fantasy! Which indeed this skinny teen slut is getting pounded quite against her will.

From Fantasy Forced Teenagers
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Fantasy Forced Teenagers

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