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Raped Cougar

January 2nd, 2010 by Fish

Although curious bitches I am kind of sick of hearing about cougars in the press.  For those of you who have lived in a box for the past 5 years these are older bitches that like to be fucked by younger guys.  Now there is of course something positive to be said about any bitch that actually wants to be fucked rather than just sitting around the house bitching all day. 

Cougars at least as bitches go seem to violate the bitch code.  Take no responsibility, complain constantly and rely on a man for everything.  The thing is when you look closely at these sluts while there are admittedly some variations to the bitch code my lack of faith in bitches remains intact. 

First off we have the whole rely on a man for everything.  Now these are older bitches thus they have to have support from somewhere.  Most likely the support comes from the poor dumb fuck that married the cunt in the first place and by some bitch logic he has to pay her simply for existing.  So if the bitch is content with the money she is getting the urge to go find another poor dumb fuck with more money to fleece is somewhat dulled.

Second, well because they are bitches they still complain constantly.  Just because they get older doesn’t mean they don’t bitch all the time.  Have you ever met a bitch that doesn’t bitch at any age?

Finally as we see here older bitches of course refuse to take responsibility for their actions.  Go out on a date, go back to his place and refuse to fuck him?  Well then in this case the slut gets a big fat rape sandwich.  It could never be her fault that the guy expects to get laid for having to spend the whole evening with an old bag!

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  • 1 Tramp Jan 3, 2010 at 3:22 am

    couldnt agree more