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Raping by the Pool

September 4th, 2009 by Fish

So I rented the remake of Wes Craven’s, Last House on the left,  which was full of bitches getting the shit raped out of them.  If your not a horror fan, let me give you the basic synopsis. 

Guy picks up stupid bitches because they want him to give (not pay) them Pot

Stupid bitches go to a motel room with dude they don’t know for said pot.

Stupid bitches get  themselves raped

The rest of the movie is about how the daddy of one of the stupid bitches takes his revenge for his little bitch being stupid enough to get herself raped. 

That is pretty much it,  Not a bad movie of course since at the very least the sluts get what’s coming to them for their dumbness.  But I mention this since the whole premise of the movie is that we should feel sorry for these dumb cunts who were stupid enough to go back to a room with a guy they don’t know expecting to get high for free. 

Now here indeed is another dumb slut that manages to get herself brutally raped.  Who the fuck goes to a pool alone and naked!  Now I am sure after being rough fucked this bitch is indeed sorry for herself.  But look on the bright side, he shoved her head in the pool rather than the toilet. 

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