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Roped and Raped

June 21st, 2010 by Fish

So I am surprised the self righteous bitches haven’t been screaming their head off. but a popular video game allows one to hog tie a bitch and more or less carry her around like a bitch should be. 

Now when faced with a bitch that is reluctant to fuck you rope indeed is a good option for keeping her flailing extremities still while you go about the main business at hand of force fucking the screaming bitch. 

There are indeed many ways to tie the bitch up,  As appealing as hogtieing is one must admit it is not indeed the ideal position for Rough Sex.  So feel free to experiment with various ways of restraining  your bitch when the time suits you. 

From Scream and Cream
002 hot slut about to be tied up slut attacked Dude forces his finger into a screaming girl 073 Rape blowjob Forced Sex Brutal Rape 110_001

Scream and Cream

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