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Rough Anal Sex for a Cheater

March 21st, 2012 by Fish

Bitches love to complain about men cheating.  But what they don’t understand is that we are supposed to.  Look in the wild,  how many animals out there fuck a single bitch their entire lives.  Not many,  why?  Because we are programmed to fuck as many bitches as we can.

Now bitches cheating is entirely another story.  You see once we start fucking a bitch her snatch becomes ours to do with what we please.  After all she is only a bitch!  Plus with all the time and effort rough fucking her so she obeys we kinda take ownership of the bitch.  Now if we find out that all our hard work teaching the bitch how to behave gets undone by some other guy fucking the slut.  We tend to get rather upset.

So what to do with a cheating bitch.  Well you know you can’t trust her.  But then again when can you ever trust a bitch.  Plus some other guy used your cunt.  Any respectable man with throw the bitch out on the street.  But before you do that its of course time to give her one last good hard rough fuck to teach the bitch a lesson.  Now in this case the dude goes a further and includes a good ass raping.

From Rage Story
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