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Rough First Time Anal Bent Over the Toilet

January 11th, 2008 by Fish

I love ass virgins.  More specifically how they cry and whine the first time they find a dick up their ass.  Now not that I am complaining but this one is a bit extreme.  To lose your anal virginity with your head stuck in a toilet is no easy feat. Personally I think the only thing that tops that in my mind is taking it up the ass for the first time in a public bathroom of a club or something.  Just make sure its not loud enough so people don’t hear the bitch crying that it hurts.

Though when I come to think about it,  why the fuck not.  After all she is a bitch and probably deserves a good fucking in the ass.  Its a hole isn’t it?  Therefor the bitch should be happy with a dick in it since that’s what they were put on earth to do.  If other guys hear the bitches screams for mercy perhaps they to will go home and fuck their bitches in the ass.  Soon we will have a whole movement of well ass fucked bitches!  Probably thinner to since they won’t be sitting down anytime soon.

Now should you decide to fuck her in the bathroom perhaps shoving her head in the toilet might motivate the bitch to keep the bathroom spic and span which indeed would be considerably nicer.

From Biohazard Bitches

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Biohazard Bitches

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    • 1 ras Jan 27, 2008 at 8:00 am

      it’s ok if the bitch is crying about how it hurts, that’s when you grab her hair and give her face a good slap then fuck her ass more, if she whines again tho you gotta do more than slapping…. a few hard hits right in the little cunt’s face usually shuts em up! Fun times!