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Rough Fucked on a Park Bench

April 12th, 2011 by Fish

Parks of course are for leisure.  They reserve open spaces for such activities as Frisbee, enjoying nature, or just lying around lazily on a sunny day.  So why indeed is Rough Sex usually prohibited?  I can think of no better place to publically humiliate a bitch than a public park!

Think about it,  a park provides plenty of bike racks to chain your bitch to, keeping them from wandering off.  Trees to tie them too when they are uncooperative and of course many many uncomfortable metal benches on which to Rough Fuck them on.  Of course it also provides on a sunny day plenty of spectators to humiliate your bitch in front of and teach other bitches the way they should be treated.  The place is perfect!

Of course our bitches don’t see it that way.  Though when they go wandering aimlessly off the beaten path in pursuit of a shiny thing that caught their eye from the glint of the sun there are plenty of dudes lurking in the shadows to give them the Rough Sex they deserve.  Of course telling a bitch that has no effect since they think they should be able to do anything without consequence. 

From Public Disgrace
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Public Disgrace

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