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December 11th, 2009 by Fish

So I have been watching this healthcare debate that we are having in the USA with amusement.  Once again selfish bitches seem to be intent of fucking everything up.  You see Bitches want everyone to pay for abortion if by chance they forget to take a little pill like they are supposed to every day.  But being bitches they can’t even remember to do that! 

On the other side are the Christian crazies who think every sperm is sacred.  Which again is quite puzzling since most of my sperm ends up on the bitches face.  But I digress.

In any case since sluts can’t seem to take the precautions to not to get knocked up they want everyone else to pay for it.  Hey 50% of the population can’t get pregnant so why should we have to pay for your fuckups?  I know its biology bitches but hey life isn’t fair. 

For example if I were born with a condition were my dick kept falling off I would expect to pay more since every once and a while I would have to go to a doctor, dick in hand and get it sewed back on!  Sure it isn’t fair but why should the rest of you with firmly attached dicks pay for my misfortune?

Even better if there was a little pill that I took every day to keep my dick from falling off and I forget to take it then who’s fault is that? 

But as we know our sluts take no responsibility for anything and insist that men pay for everything. Then refuse to give us anything in return.  Unless your this stupid bitch getting force fucked by two guys

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Fantasy Teenage Assault

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