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Rough Sex for a Bitchy Bree Olsen

January 4th, 2011 by Fish

I have a love hate relationship with Stuck up Hot Bitches.  On one hand I want to fuck the crap out of them because they are, well…… Hot.  On the other hand they are stuck up and have the attitude the size of your wife’s ass. Not to mention usually stupider than the average bitch.  So it can be quite annoying spending the time and money trying to bed one of these bitches and even more tiresome putting up with the bitches attitude once you have fucked them.

Thankfully Rough Sex will kill two birds with one stone.  For starters you get to fuck the Hot bitch and second you can teach the bitch a lesson with the “Rough” Part.  Now the secret to this is to treat the bitch like the whore she is and teach her that although she might be hot, she is still a bitch.  I mean do you see dogs getting an attitude after they win a dog show?  Sure it might be a beautiful dog but in the end the thing still sniffs your ass.  Bitches are no different.

One of the more effective ways to teach this to a bitch is to stick your dick right up her ass.  Since she is Hot the chances are that this has never happened before and it will be quite painful (incidentally the theme of my other site Painal) .  She will lose her stuck up attitude quite quickly getting Rough Fucked Anally.  I would suggest sticking her soiled panties in her mouth to keep her screams from annoying the neighbors.

From Pornstar Punishment

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Pornstar Punishment

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