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February 10th, 2012 by Fish

The one thing that bitches don’t like in this country is our freedom of speech.  You see they like that they have freedom of speech but in typical bitch fashion they only like it when they agree with you.  Now that bitches have reached the pinnacle of power by bitching at the cowardly politicians terrified to piss bitches off.  They of course have done their damndest to get around the first amendment. 

What they have done is invaded our schools and universities and demanded they implement “speech codes” so no young bitch ever has to learn how useless they really are and never has to hear that they should be subjected to Rough Sex. 

If you really want to see what a bitch run country with no protections of speech (or the right to rough fuck a bitch) look no further than England.  Proving once again bitches are too stupid to appreciate humor they were outraged at a website that “condoned rape” and had it shut down.  Now on that website are things like “we don’t condone rape unless we yell surprise” and they sell shirts  that extol the virtues of bitches by calling (quite rightly so) stupid. 

Obviously its pale in comparison to what you read on these pages which incidentally if I were in the UK Rough Sex Online would probably be shut down by throngs of screaming bitches who if their men weren’t such pussies would bitch slap them and give them the rough fucking they need.

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