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Rough Sex for a Sex Slave

February 9th, 2010 by Fish

You know there is this whole thing about weirdo’s abducting bitches to make them their sex slave.  I simply don’t get it.  Why would you want to rough fuck a smelly bitch who has been tied up in the dungeon for a week when you can just go out and for a few drinks (or a few dollars) find some whore to engage in rough sex with. 

I mean the effort to upkeep a slave bitch seems to me somewhat counter productive.  I mean you have to feed her since she can’t really cook while tied up in a dungeon all the time and she would likely poison your ass if she could, the same of course goes with cleaning the house.  So what indeed is the point of having the bitch around other than a cum receptacle?

This is not of course to say a bitch is not a receptacle for your cum since they then probably wouldn’t have holes to insert your dick into if they were not.  But why simply settle for that when the bitch should be doing a whole lot more?

The upside to this is of course that they cannot spend your money but with a little rough sex to their whining unwilling bodies this can be mitigated to a manageable level.

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