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Rough Sex for a Teacher

January 25th, 2011 by Fish

Regardless if they are bitches or not I hate teachers.  Think about having a job where you work 6 hours a day for what amounts to 9 months.  You get every conceivable holiday off and can never get fired to what amounts to a glorified babysitter.  Then to top it all off whine about how much they get paid. 

Needless to say I hold garbage collectors to higher esteem, at least they perform a worthy service.  Now what could be more annoying than a self righteous teacher?  a self righteous teacher who is a bitch! 

Now teaching used to be one of the few acceptable bitch job outside of the kitchen and today it still largely is.  Which means of course these bitches like to fill silly thoughts into little bitches heads like equality for bitches.  If you think about it, what the hell do they know.  They are Teachers!  If they knew anything they would be working in a real job! 

This of course means they all need Really Rough Sex.  Not because of what they do since, as I said its a bitch job and one of the few that is acceptable for a bitch not to be cooking and cleaning.  But they can and should be fucked at every opportunity. 

I just wish I had bitch teachers wearing hot pants in class.  It would have made my schooling much more interesting

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