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Rough Sex for Bonnie Rotten

March 16th, 2012 by Fish

Nothing suggests a bitch needs rough sex than the bitch tattooing stupid shit all over her body.  Take this bitch for example,  she is actually pretty fuckable if she wasn’t a fucking walking billboard for whatever statement a bitch is trying to make. 

Which of course is the problem since little if anything bitches have to say is in the least interest to us.  Whether they say it,  or paint it on their skin, its generally irrelevant since they of course are bitches. 

Personally I would like to see a law made forbidding bitches from getting tattoo’s.  You wouldn’t let a child get Pokémon tattooed to his forehead right?  Bitches are simply slightly larger children with about the same mental capacity.  Why then would you let a bitch do such a thing. 

Of course we we can take care of this ourselves without legislation though the wonders of Rough Sex. Perhaps we could designate one person in each parlor to take the bitches money,  bring her to the basement and teach the bitch a lesson though a good hard rough fuck when a bitch is stupid enough to come in and get inked. 

From Fucking Dungeon
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