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Rough Sex for Luna Lovegood

January 4th, 2012 by Fish

I always thought that Harry Potter should have given Luna Lovegood a dose of old fashion Rough Sex.  Now yeas I know what you’re thinking “Fish, are you out of your fucking mind?  With a piece of ass like Emma Watson hanging around?”

Yea that’s true but sometimes you have to think past your penis and think just how damaged a bitch really is.  Hermonie, being headstrong and well…  A bitch simply doesn’t understand how to act like a proper one.  While I would love to stick my dick in her as much as the next guy for a long term thing you would probably have to beat the bitch senseless to get her to swallow your cock! Ron is kind of a wimp,  you might as well let him have bad sex with her like a good friend would.

Luna on the other hand has the potential to be hot and is about as stupid as they come.  This is the kind of bitch you want,  the ones that believe you when you tell them you won’t cum in their mouth.  Sure her voice is annoying but again does it really matter when you are face fucking the bitch?

Of course Harry chose Ginny to stick his dick into,  which I find stupid since she is definitely not even mildly interesting in the sack.  Besides how are you supposed to brag to your friends that you fucked her in the ass when she is the dude’s sister!

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