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Rough Sex In The Bathtub

November 3rd, 2009 by Fish

Why the hell do bitches always want to take baths.  I think the last time I took a bath was when I was about 7 for shit sake.  A guy could probably spend a paycheck just buying them all the little bath shit they like to put in the water. 

I’ll tell you why.  Because bitches need to feel like they are being pampered.  You want to clean yourself take a fucking shower.  Sluts however feel the need to lounge around in hot water eventually making bitch stew. 

Now for some bizarre reason unknown even to your friend Fish,  Somehow a hot bath turns them on.  Then they want you to get in the stew with them and fuck the crap out of them.  Given this is one of the times a lazy bitch really wants to fuck but I will indeed tell you why this is a bad idea. 

First you want a clean bitch to fuck and a bitch sitting around in her own hot filth is indeed not clean.  Second what happens if you want a smoke after you fuck her?  One wayward ash and all the crap they add to the water will become a inferno!

Finally, have you ever try to have rough sex when your trying to grab a wet soapy bitch on a wet floor?  One would be lucky if he didn’t end up in the hospital after trying to rough fuck some cunt. 

From Disgraced 18

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Disgraced 18

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