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Rough Sex on a Bus

November 26th, 2010 by Fish

With all this talk of saving the planet.  Your friend Fish has a simple answer.  As far as I am concerned all bitches should have their licenses taken away and forced to use public transportation.  This would do a number of things.  First and foremost,  bitches would not be driving 55 in the left lane while applying their makeup while you are trying to get to work.  Second, since bitches love to drive around in those SUV’s that can house 3 Mexican families it would considerably cut down on our dependence of foreign oil. Third it would cut down on traffic fatalities by at least 2/3 since nothing is more dangerous that DWB (Driving while Bitch).  Finally, of course the roads would be almost empty since most men go back and forth to work while bitches seem to want to drive all over the place doing their useless tasks. 

Now this of course poses one problem.  Those of us who already take public transportation.  I mean who indeed wants to be trapped on a bus full of cackling bitches!  So to fix this I propose one of two things.  We can have bitch only buses and pay the driver double for having to deal with such a nightmare.  Or we can demand that bitches are gagged when entering public transportation.  Of course on particularly long trips this might be optimal since some bitch will inevitably start yapping and need a good dose of Rough Sex. 

From Public Disgrace
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Public Disgrace

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