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Rough Sex with a Drunk Girl

June 19th, 2010 by Fish

Men hating femnazi’s love to talk about date rape.  This of course is because none of them have ever been on a date in their lives.  Now date rape to these bitches is defined as having any sex with a bitch after you spent money on them.  Regardless if the bitch wants to or not. 

Now in what fucking world does one freely give away their money with nothing in return.  Hell even if you give to charity it makes you feel like a less worthless mother fucker. 

What enrages these bitches even more is the time honored practice of fucking very drunk bitches.  Now if you spend money on a bitch and she gets drunk are you not entitled to fuck her?  If she didn’t want to fuck you then she shouldn’t have gotten shit faced should she?  I mean if you have a naked drunk bitch according to these man hating sluts you are not supposed to fuck her?  I think not

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