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Rough Sex with a Dumb Virgin

April 10th, 2012 by Fish

I am a channel flipper.  I’m not ashamed to admit i have the attention span of a gnat and of course its one of those things that annoys the shit out of cunts.  Now I tell you this because on occasion as I am flipping around on the idiot box and come across some show appealing to teen bitches and within a minute or two there is one question that inevitably pops into my head.  How can these teenage sluts to be, be so fucking stupid!

Now if you consider the brain dead beings these bitches grow up to be it might not surprise you in their idiocy.  They have a special kind of stupidity not found in their male counterparts.  While teen guys go off to drunk,  do stupid thing they saw on Jackass and fuck fuck teen bitches.  Their female counterparts dream of romance and falling in love which is why so many of these soon to be sluts get fucked before they are actually ready.  In other words they are so stupid even a idiot teen guy can get in their pants and give it to them for the very first time. 

The amusing thing is guys are thinking quite the opposite.  How soon can he fuck this stupid bitch so he can go find the next stupid bitch to fuck.  This of course leaves the newly minted slut heartbroken which in turn leads to her complaining about some stupid thing or another and finally needing rough sex to shut her the fuck up. 

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