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Rough Sex with a Girl Scout

November 24th, 2009 by Fish

I never quite understood scouting.  More-so Boy Scouts, since Girl Scouts is simply a bitch saying “Hey why can we be Boy Scouts!” and someone answering her saying “Because its called BOY Scouts you dumb bitch”.

I was indeed a Boy Scout for 3 torturous months in which my parents forced me to attend.  I quickly learned that grown men wanting to spend their weekends in the woods teaching young boys complicated knots to tie up each other was indeed rather strange.  I proudly earned no badges and finally got myself out of it when I told the leader to go fuck himself. 

But there is something to be said for a dumb bitch trying to rough it in the woods.  By roughing it we of course mean a cabin, heat, electricity, whatever the hottest designer of sleeping bags are, and even then they need a lighter to start a fire.  Luckily there is no gasoline around or the whole campsite would be up like a puff of smoke.

Should there be a tent however (as in this case) Rough sex with a teen bitch in the middle of the woods is quite an adventure.  First since there is no running water the bitch will have to go about her business with cum all over her.  And if you pick a secluded enough spot one of course does not have to worry about anyone hearing the noise that a bitch inevitably emits when Rough Fucked.

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