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October 27th, 2009 by Fish

This next site is not the typical Rough Sex material that generally appears on Rough Sex Online.  But it does have young bitches in pain so I like it.  Now the beauty of fucking a virgin is that one has to expend minimal effort to make the cunt scream out in pain.  The down side of this of course is virgins are somewhat rare with most of them getting fucked by 15 years old or so.  Finding one at an age where the police don’t come to your door and throw you in jail is indeed a rarity

Now yes it is highly unlikely any of these sluts are virgins.  But then again the rape porn you see here and around the internet is likely to be staged as well.  So hey, this is the internet and we can fantasize can’t we? 

To get back to virgins,  one would think with the high cost of college (although most education is wasted on sluts,  unless of course it teaches them to cook and clean) that there would be more of a market to deflower some slut.  Instead our young bitches simply give it away to the first dude that can convincingly lie to them that they love them. 

Now the price to fuck a virgin is quite high in the open market.  I think one smart slut sold hers for upwards of 50k.  which indeed is out of the price range to many of us.  However should more bitches follow such a lead I am sure the price would come down.  Hell I am sure to fuck an ugly virgin would probably cost less than a grand. 

From Spoiled Virgins
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Spoiled Virgins

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