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Rough Sex with an Unwilling Wife

January 31st, 2010 by Fish

A sure fire way never to have willing sex again with a bitch is to marry her.  Sure you might fuck like bunnies for the first year but once the bitch realizes that pretty much everything you own is hers and there is more or less nothing you can do about it the bitch of course starts to get lazy. 

She will say she is “unfulfilled” or some such bitch nonsense.  Now you probably keep a roof over the bitches head and food for the bitch to get fat on.  Provide her with a car all the time the bitch sits at home and watches Oprah.  No one of course asks you if you are “fulfilled”

Now the least the bitch can do is suck your dick from time to time in an effort to show you thanks for all the shit you have to put up with.  But of course our whores don’t think that way, and why not!  They have been told from the first day of school that they “Deserve” this.  We are supposed to be slaves to our bitch. 

So once again what is a poor guy to do.  Well the way to fulfill a bitch is to get the bitch to start doing things they are good at.  They might not want to clean cook or fuck but dammit they are much happier that way. 

So drag your bitch into the kitchen, show her the mop and where the pots and pans are and give her a good hard dose of rough sex. 

From Fantasy Brutal Passion
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Fantasy Brutal Passion

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