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Runaway Teen Rape

June 24th, 2009 by Fish

So I have been reading this story about the efforts to curb rape in prison.  The thinking is,  its bad enough in prison without some dude trying to stick a dick in your ass when you bend over for the soap.  Apparently bro rape happens quite a bit more then bitches getting raped since they tend to lack the equipment to do the raping with.  Of course this has absolutely nothing to do with dude on bitch rape since there tends to be a lack of these co-ed prisons.  So while I am all for smacking bitches and generally treating them like the whores they are just be aware should you engage in any of these well deserved activities you will likely become the screaming bitch with the dick up your ass. 

That being said lets talk about silly teen bitches who think they can make it on their own.  A teen slut is somewhat dumber then an adult slut as we all know.  While they lack the minimal intelligence of a adult bitch, they do display the same disregard for all thing responsible and consequences for their actions.  When mommy or daddy take their cell phone away for running up $700 bucks in  text messages they feel they are unfairly put upon and of course it is not indeed their fault. 

So they go out into the world seeking fame an fortune.  This ironically makes them somewhat more useful to society then sitting home talking about some dumb ass celebrity with their equally dumb ass friends since now at least the slut can be properly (and roughly) fucked. 

From Ravished Bride
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Ravished Bride

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