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Screaming Bitch Gets Brutally Raped

June 6th, 2010 by Fish

So over in the UK someone had the sense to propose that guys that get accused of rape be kept anonymous until they are found guilty.  This of course enrages bitches.  You see bitches don’t want to have to prove that the dude raped them.  They simply want to make the accusation and thus he is guilty because as we know bitches never ever lie. 

Now what bitches don’t want you to know that even by liberal standards almost 50% of all rapes reported are utterly bullshit.  So in essence what these bitches want is that if you have 100 guys accused of Rape they want 50 of them who are blatantly innocent to have their lives ruined because a bitch lied.  Yes this of course makes no sense whatsoever unless of course you are a bitch!

That doesn’t of course even count the bitches that deserve it in the first place (which is more or less the other 50%).  Since the function of a bitch is of course to be fucked.  Thus at any point should they refuse to have sex they become completely useless. 

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