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Shackled and Fucked

August 23rd, 2011 by Fish

So yesterday all charges against Dominique Strauss-Kahn were dropped.  For those who need reminding that is the dude that was accused by some bitch of raping her and it all turned out to be bullshit.  A bitch falsely accusing a man for monetary gain?  What a fucking surprise. 

This of course enrages our bitches since he was not hung by the neck until dead simply because they say so.  Now of course is the second bitch instinct.  Finding a man to blame.  It can never ever be the fault of the lying bitch who was caught in numerous falsehoods and was taped telling her incarcerated boyfriend not to worry he has a lot of money and she knew what she was doing.  No it must of course be the district attorney’s fault because he has a penis!

Bitch groups are outraged.  They want his head for some perceived wrong when all the dude did was his job and got tripped up by a lying bitch.  But of course it could never ever be a bitches fault. 

What most of these bitches need is to tied up, gagged and given rough sex until they understand the world doesn’t work a certain way simply because they want it to.  What they don’t understand is that we simply don’t give a shit about their outrage simply because bitches are always outraged.  If they got back into the kitchen they would have something to distract their tiny little minds and stop being outraged over something that is simply not true.  That and fuck their husbands on command as a good bitch should. 

From Fucking Dungeon

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Fucking Dungeon

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