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Stupid Bitch On A Leash gets Smacked and Fucked

April 29th, 2010 by Fish

Ah I have found yet another Rough Sex site out there friends.  These like minded gentleman know of course how to treat a bitch.  This of course is good! 

Now of course our bitches should be kept on a leash,  at least in public.  Keeping one on a leash at home is a bit of overkill since the risk of your bitch seeing something shiny and wandering off is considerably less.  But I suppose on occasion our willful bitches need to be tied to something to get them to do what they are supposed to do. 

Perhaps if you tied your bitch to something useful, like an oven for example  they might get bored and actually use it after a while.  Sure there would be that period of the bitch crying and whining but once they realized they are ignored they might start doing what they were told to do in the first place out of sheer boredom.  Just make sure their leash can extend to the refrigerator and leave some cook books in the general area.  Bitches are dim but they eventually will get the message

From Slaves In Love
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Slaves in Love

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